Zoo Animals Pay the Mulberry Family a Visit!

We were so fortunate to host the Samantha Schmidt from the Columbian Park Zoo for Mulberry University yesterday! A special thanks goes to the Zoo for their outstanding generosity.

Samantha brought five unique species to educate us about the concept of Biomimicry — a unique approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating time-tested patterns and strategies from nature.

First up was the hissing cockroach from Madagascar. A unique species of creepy crawly that's inspiring new technology in search-and-rescue robots.

Next was a White's Tree Frog, which secretes an antiviral and antibacterial enzyme that scientists are using to treat disease.

The shell of this three-banded armadillo is made of keratin — the same
strong protein as your hair and fingernails. R&D specialists in a variety of fields are studying the structure and applying it in some really fascinating ways.

Believe it or not, the feathers of this Blue & Gold McCaw aren't really blue — they're clear! And they're inspiring new technology concepts in areas like fiber optics.

Finally, we got to experience a North American Porcupine. Researchers in the medical field are trying to devise a way to use the porcupine's quills as hypodermic needles.

And that was it! Fascinating, right? And even without the cool lesson on how animals are impacting science and technology -- how many times in your life would you get to experience all of these interesting creatures in one place? That's what Mulberry University offers.

Interested in future events? They're free and open to the public. Contact Wahneta Schley at 765.296.2911 for more info on what's coming up next.