Meet the Three Newest Aspire Scholarship Graduates

Tiffany Fultz is a mother of three and a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at Mulberry Health.

“Working full time is just a given,” says Fultz. “Every last dime is used in my household, so being able to set aside money for school just wasn’t an option.”

Amber Lamb, also a CNA at Mulberry Health, faced similar challenges.

“I was in school and couldn’t afford to go any more,” says Lamb. “But working at Mulberry Health, and learning about the Aspire Scholarship, well — I jumped on the opportunity.”

The Aspire Scholarship is an award presented by Mulberry Health to three staff members each year that provides up to $10,000 toward the completion of a licensed practical nursing certification at Ivy Tech of Lafayette.

“We want to make life full, rich and meaningful for our residents, and for our employees as well,” says Mark Wolfschlag, Mulberry Health president. “This is a perfect opportunity for us to provide an educational route for those who might not normally have that opportunity.”

The Aspire Scholarship launched in 2015 and scholarships have been awarded to a total of six candidates, all who are currently completing coursework and on track to complete the program within three years.

“Internally, we felt like we had individuals here who were ideal candidates to further their education and grow their skill set,” says Heidi Wallar, Aspire mentor and Mulberry Health director of nursing. “So by investing in those employees, the lasting impact of the Aspire Scholarship is that we’re changing lives.”

2016 Aspire recipients include Fultz, Lamb and Ashley Miller, a Mulberry Health employee of six years who started as a CNA and worked her way to the head of medical records.

“This is kind of a big deal,” says Miller. “To help you earn a degree — it makes you feel special. A lot of people don’t have that opportunity, so with Mulberry being willing to invest in me and supply the opportunity to better myself — I couldn’t wait to apply.”

Mulberry Health is a privately owned provider of premier short-term rehab, long-term care, outpatient therapy, memory care and independent living services to the residents of Tippecanoe, Clinton and surrounding counties.

To learn more about the Aspire Scholarship, go to our FAQ section.