I'd recommend Mulberry Health to anybody.

Calvin Cotrrell

Why Calvin Cottrell Chose Mulberry Health

For nearly four decades, Calvin Cottrell has illuminated the night around his Rossville farm with one of the best holiday light displays around. But in 2014 — there were no lights.

"It was a sad year for Santa Claus," he says. "And me, too."

Following complications from hip replacement surgery, Calvin could barely get from his bed to a wheelchair. After rehabilitation and therapy at Mulberry Health though, he's back on his feet and back in action as Rossville's king of Christmas.

"That wheelchair is really no place for me," he says. "It's a good feeling to get your strength back."

Cottrell was gracious enough to sit down and share his story with us. Click here to see the video on Facebook or hit the play button and watch it below.