Compassion Is What Unites Us

Compassion. It’s one of the leading values woven into the fabric of the culture at Mulberry Health. This has never been more apparent than during this challenging time period. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the Mulberry family unite to uphold our community’s commitment to creating a safe, healthy environment for all and to show appreciation for those who continue to put the needs of others ahead of their own during this time.

The outpouring of support — both from within Mulberry and from local community partners and businesses — has been amazing. Our team members’ dedication to providing the best care for residents has been second to none. And for that, we’ll be forever grateful.

Supporting Our Caregivers Like They Support Us

Just as our team members are devoted to ensuring our residents are cared for, their fellow Mulberry Health family members and the greater Mulberry and Lafayette communities are devoted to ensuring they are cared for as well.

First and foremost, members of the community are working together to guarantee that no caregiver is left without some form of personal protective equipment. One of our volunteers, Amy, is using her sewing skills to make stylish homemade masks for all our team members.

And with a little bit of ingenuity, team member Sally has developed a way to help caregivers relieve the stress that the elastic bands on their protective masks puts on their ears. She makes headbands with buttons sewn into them so that anyone wearing a mask can place the elastic around the buttons rather than on their ears. So far, the headbands have been a hit with the rest of the team!

Sweet Treats and Fun Times

At times, the appreciation shown for the Mulberry team has been delicious and fun. Our leadership has partnered with local businesses, such as Lafayette’s Great Harvest Bread Co., Sweet Revolutions, Kenny Kendall’s and Kathy’s Kandies, to serve a variety of meals and treats to the community.

There were even more treats to be had during spirit week. We enjoyed caramel and cheddar popcorn from Kenny Kendall’s Gourmet Popcorn and red hots with peanuts, all while wearing our favorite sports jerseys, winning prizes while playing trivia and singing “Take Me out to the Ballgame” together as it played through the intercom. All in all, spirit week was a homerun.

The Mulberry Spirit’s Reach

The Mulberry spirit can be found in all corners of the community. Residents in our independent living cottages have made the most of the current situation while observing the social distancing guidelines put forth by the nation’s leading health experts.

It was a sight to behold during Easter when cottage resident, Mary Lou, organized neighborhood festivities where neighbors rejoiced and joined together in song in celebration while standing in their own yards. Despite the distance, the neighbors felt closer to each other than ever before.

Mary Lou isn’t the only neighbor bringing the Mulberry spirit to the cottages. Don and Jean are a social couple and have maintained that aspect of their personalities … just from a distance. During this time, they’ve found joy setting up two seats on the front patio and striking up conversation with anyone passing by. When we posted about this on Facebook, several people commented that they’d now be walking by Don and Jean’s home to say hello! It’s a small gesture, but it’s one that’s brought smile to plenty of faces.

These past few months at Mulberry have served as reminder that we’re all in this together. Words can’t describe how appreciative the Mulberry family if for the kindness that we’ve all been shown.