Girl Scouts Pay It Forward to the Mulberry Family

Janet Neidigh and Girl Scouts from Clinton Prairie were at a restaurant selling cookies to the breakfast crowd, and a man approached the table. He wanted to buy cookies, but under one condition: the troop had to donate the cookies to a local nursing home. He handed them a $100 bill, and walked away.

Janet and her troop delivered 20 boxes on S’mores cookies to us at Mulberry Health today, and a few of our young volunteers packaged the cookies to share with all of our residents.

“His surprising act made me cry, and I’m so grateful there are people like that left in this world,” Janet said.

We’re really grateful too.

Update: Special thanks to Becky Cole. She is the troop leader at Clinton Prairie.

Volunteers from Clinton Prairie
Photo Caption: Volunteers from Clinton Prairie made cookie care packages for all of our residents thanks to a generous stranger.