Mulberry Health Recognizes Better Hearing Month

We've had lots of reasons to celebrate here at Mulberry Health lately, but May is Better Hearing & Speech Month — so we wanted to bring some much deserved recognition to our fantastic Speech Therapy duo and the importance of what they do.

While Speech Therapy might be an unfamiliar concept for some, it's an essential part of our comprehensive approach here at Mulberry.

Speech Therapists provide a wide range of services, including assessments and interventions for things like:

  • Speech disorders (when a person has difficulty speaking correctly or fluently)
  • Language disorders (when a person has trouble understanding others or sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings)
  • Social communication disorders (when a person has trouble with the social use of verbal and nonverbal communication)
  • Cognitive-communication disorders (when a person has trouble organizing thoughts, paying attention, remembering and/or problem-solving)
  • Swallowing disorders (when a person has trouble eating and swallowing)

To learn more about speech therapy, check out this overview from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association:

And if you know a Speech Therapist — be sure to appreciate them a little more this month!