Why Michael Dominick Chose Mulberry Health

Michael Dominick — Pastor Mike as he's known at Dayton United Methodist Church, where he's served since 2009 — is a true Mulberry Health success story.

Dominick underwent a partial replacement of his left knee on the Monday after Christmas. Later, after just one week of outpatient therapy at Mulberry Health, both he and physical therapist Jennifer English were amazed at the speed of his recovery. In fact, his range of motion measured at what would normally be expected at the end of six weeks of physical therapy.

How is this possible? Well, what's interesting is that Mike came to Mulberry Health for therapy following replacement surgery on his right knee at the end of October. He believes that the therapy was so effective that his left knee was in better shape heading into the second surgery.

I am able to do things in week one of therapy on the left knee that I could not do until week three or four on my right knee.​

Mike Dominick

According to Dominick, the left knee is recovering even faster and with less overall pain than the right knee. He feels that with continued therapy, he'll be back to full strength in just a few weeks.

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