Mulberry to Participate in Disaster Drill

Mulberry Health is participating in a disaster drill on Thursday, March 15. The drill is part of Mulberry Health’s work to comply with new regulations from the Indiana State Department of Health.

“The purpose is to practice the disaster plan our team created and trained our entire staff to implement. We are using Thursday’s exercise to comply with new state regulations, and to discover what works and what needs improvement,” said Mark Wolfschlag, President and Administrator at Mulberry Health.

As part of the drill, Mulberry Health may:

  • Move power to the back-up generator to simulate a power outage.
  • Evacuate part of the building to evaluate shelter-in-place areas and procedures.
  • Lock the building so nobody enters and nobody exits.

The drill will begin on Thursday morning, and the facility expects the exercise to last a couple hours.

Disaster Drill: Plan, Prepare, Practice
Photo caption: Mulberry Health will hold a full-scale disaster drill on Thursday, March 15 to practice the plan their team put together to prepare for a number of disasters that may occur.