Celebrating the Newest Aspire Scholarship Graduates

Mulberry Health offers its employees an opportunity to further their education by becoming a nurse with the Aspire Scholarship program.

“The Aspire Scholarship was created to support our employees in creating full, rich, meaningful lives for themselves and their families,” said Mark Wolfschlag, President and Administrator at Mulberry Health. “The scholarship covers all expenses for nursing school, and our scholarship recipients are also mentored by senior nursing staff at Mulberry Health.”

This year, we’re celebrating 3 more graduates! These new nurses are trading in their old uniforms for new nursing scrubs. But what has the Aspire Scholarship Program meant for the new graduates?

The Aspire program was an opportunity that seemed tailored to me. I wanted, for years, to go back to school and always found a reason not to. It was always so easy to put the thought on the back burner, or say, ‘well, there’s always next year.’ Applying was a big step, being accepted as an Aspire Candidate and as a nursing student was an even bigger step, and successfully completing the program and earning my Licensure was a giant leap. I am very thankful for the Aspire Scholarship, the love and support shown to me by my supervisors and co-workers, and I am excited to start my new career here at Mulberry Health.

Ashley Miller

The Aspire Program allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse while taking away the financial hardship that it takes to get there. I had just moved out and going back to school wasn't exactly in the plans for me right then, but the Aspire Scholarship made it possible for me to not prolong my ambition of becoming a nurse any further. I was able to go back to school almost immediately and continue my education as I had desired. The fact that, at this point, I have successfully obtained my nursing license and am about to start my career as a nurse is a phenomenal feeling and wouldn't have been possible without this generous opportunity. I feel like I have really grown at Mulberry Health from my first job in dietary services at 17 years old, followed by taking the CNA classes and working as a CNA - to now obtaining my nursing license! I am excited to be on my next new adventure at Mulberry Health and look forward to working with and gaining knowledge from all of the exceptional nurses we have along the way!

Elizabeth Krammes

Congratulations to our new graduates! We look forward to seeing you wear your red nursing scrubs on the floor soon.