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Our residents are the reason


Most CNAs have different stories about how they arrived in their profession, but the reasons they stay are similar.

Robb was working as a CNA part time during nursing school. Life changed, and he left school, but he continued to work as a certified nursing assistant with an agency. He was in different facilities, and occasionally, he would work at Mulberry Health. As buildings started hiring their own staff, he came to work with Mulberry Health, and he’s been here for more than ten years.

Linda cared for her father when he was ill, and later, she decided to take CNA classes. She finished the course, but she felt too shy, so she decided to find something else to do. She was working with her family’s business, and wanted something more, and as she was looking at the want ads in the newspaper, she noticed how many places needed CNAs. She interviewed at Mulberry Health, and she’s been on our team for nearly 15 years.

Robb and Linda may have arrived here in different ways, but they stick with the profession for the same reason: their residents.

“I love interacting with our residents, and learning who they are and what makes them tick.” Linda said. “Sometimes we have challenging residents, but I love understanding their preferences and personalities.”

Robb echoes her motivations. “I stick with this through thick and thin because that is who I am at my core. We really are a team here,” said Robb. “I want to know my residents and their quirks, favorite outfits, whether they like to be shaved in the morning or wear perfume. There’s reward in the little things here.”


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