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U.S. Nursing Trends: Salaries Remain #1

According to the American Nurse Journal’s (ANJ) fifth annual survey about current and future trends in nursing, recruiting challenges top the list of potential concerns. That’s why Mulberry Health continues its longstanding commitment to offering the most competitive CNA, LPN, and RN salaries in the profession. We pride ourselves on creating an environment and culture that allows our team members to thrive.






Reflecting current news and nursing trends, the ANJ survey goes on to show results that indicate the profession has entered a challenging period in terms of nurse recruitment and retention. Among nurse manager respondents, 71% report that the number of open positions has increased over the past 12 months (up from only 45% in 2020), and 72% cite an increase in RN turnover as a challenge (up from 50% in 2020).



Here are a few comments from nurse managers about recent recruitment challenges:



“Incentives are no longer enough to help with shortages.”



“Higher cost to retain and recruit.”



“Staff are burned out, [leading to] increased turnover and call outs.”






Despite recruitment challenges, there is some trending good news! Nurses are reporting a strong sense of satisfaction within their working environments and generally are satisfied with the opportunities and perks offered by their employers. That couldn’t be truer than at Mulberry Health. Our team members are the mission. Our nurses know we support them in every way; from salary compensation to benefit packages to the ability to advance, and more.



The ANJ survey asked nursing managers to rate their level of satisfaction in each of five categories (1 = not at all satisfied, and 5 = totally satisfied). Here are a few positive results:



  • Current job (average satisfaction 3.51; 79%)
  • Salary/compensation (average satisfaction 3.13; 67%)
  • Benefits provided by organization (average satisfaction 3.48; 76%)
  • Ability to advance within organization (average satisfaction 3.26; 69%)




On average, nurses have seen a raise over the past year – an encouraging sign that salaries are generally on an upward trend. In addition, here are the benefits that are trending most important to nurses:



  1. Paid time off
  2. Health insurance
  3. Dental insurance
  4. Retirement contributions


If you’re considering a change in the near future, you may want to consider joining the Mulberry Health family. We strive to be on the leading edge when it comes to both compensation and benefits packages with a culture that’s second to none.




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