photo of Jennie Perkins in front of Mulberry Health building

Being A Part of The Mulberry Health Family

Meet one of our Mulberry Health Certified Nurses Assistants (CNA), Jennifer Perkins. Jennifer has been with our community for 10 years now and has touched almost every area in helping serve our residents. She has contributed to the dining & culinary departments, environmental services, as well as with activities. And is now a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). As she was living in area, many people in the community would often tell her how Mulberry was such a wonderful place to work, so she just had to check it out, and she’s very happy she did!

However, it’s something deeper and stronger that gets her up each morning and inspires her to be a part of what’s happening here every day. Jennifer says what drives her and makes her happy is, “… seeing that my residents are happy and feel safe.” She works quite a bit in the memory care unit and adds, “Even just when a resident holds your hand to let you know they are happy – that is what motivates me. “

Full days make for a fulfilling work-life at Mulberry Health. Jennifer will tell you that, “No two days are the same.” And that’s fine with her. She likes to stay busy and there’s always something to help the residents with. While she is truly happy helping the residents, Jennifer’s flexible schedule allows her to do other things she loves such as spending time with kids and reading a good book. She just finished reading, The Orphan’s Tale, and her absolute favorite book is Little Women. Jennifer says, “She really relates to (the character) Jo because she is the most independent and free-spirited.”

When asked what she likes most of all about Mulberry, Jennifer didn’t hesitate to answer. For her, it was summed up in one word: “family!” She went on, “It’s small enough to know each person individually. You get to know everyone on both a professional and personal level.” To Jennifer, this close-knit aspect is what makes this place so different than other retirement communities. She added, “While other communities may say that they are like a ‘family,’ at Mulberry Health it’s the absolute truth.”

Another aspect Jennifer likes about Mulberry is all of the benefits they get. Not only does she enjoy the flexible schedule, but she also got to take her CNA class for free right here! Then there’s the genuine access to leadership. She even called that Mulberry’s “best-kept secret!” Adding, “…everyone who is a ‘boss’ (is) very easy to talk to (and) accessible. From Mark Wolfschlag, the President, to Kay in HR to each individual department supervisor.” And don’t even get her started about the uniform allowance! She summed it up like this, “There are more job benefits than any other place!”

Yes, Jennifer loves her job at Mulberry Health, and everyone – from her coworkers to the residents – loves Jennifer.

Want to see if you’d like to become part of the Mulberry Health team? Learn more here!


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