April Showers Brings a New Administrator for Mulberry Health

As of April 1st, Mulberry Health’s former Director of Nursing, Heidi Wallar, has been promoted to Executive Director and Administrator. She will work directly with President Mark Wolfschlag on the management of Mulberry, Indiana’s leading short- and long-term care community. Mark shared, “Heidi has shown over her 12 years as Mulberry Health’s Director of Nursing her commitment to providing the best care possible to those that we serve. Heidi’s leadership has been instrumental in Mulberry achieving such high-quality measures and outstanding State surveys. She has been a leading force at Mulberry in making life full, rich and meaningful for the residents we serve. The Board of Directors for Mulberry Health has great confidence that Heidi will continue to lead the facility as the Administrator with the same compassion and commitment she did as the Director of Nursing.”

Hear what Heidi had to say about her new role and more:

CR: What does this new role mean to you?
HW: I am incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity by the owners. When I started out as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) in 1996, I would have never thought I would be in the position I am today and be the Executive Director of Mulberry.

CR: What brought you to Mulberry Health?
HW: What brought me to Mulberry was the opportunity for growth in my management and clinical skills, and to be the Director of Nursing Services.

CR: What makes Mulberry Health different than others?
HW: So many things make Mulberry Health different! One of the most important reasons is being privately owned. This has always been the case and makes us different than other facilities in the area. Additionally, it is the mutual goal of everyone here to provide high quality of care for our residents.

CR: Where do you see Mulberry Health in the next 5-10 years?
HW: My goal, as the Executive Director, is for Mulberry Health to continue to be the top provider of resident care in the Lafayette area.

CR: What is the most fulfilling part of your job?
HW: The most fulfilling part of my job is having the residents and the families pleased with the quality of care. So many residents and family members come into Mulberry Health with a lot of anxiety because they are uncertain of what to expect. However, having these individuals succeed in rehab, or adjust and thrive in our environment – which puts the residents and the family members at ease.

CR: When you are not at Mulberry Health – what do you enjoy doing?
HW: I am workout junkie, I teach fitness classes, I coach tennis for my daughter, my kids are crazy involved in extracurricular activities which keeps us busy, as well creating different events and activities with our close group of friends to entertain us and create fun & amazing memories.


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