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Financial Questions

What is Medicare and how does it work?
What is Medicaid and how does it work?
What is private payment?
Which insurance providers does Mulberry Health accept?

The Admissions Process

What is needed for admission to Mulberry Health?
What is Pre Admission Screening?
What personal items can/should I bring?
Who do I talk to if I have questions?

While You're At Mulberry Health

What is the resident experience like at Mulberry Health?
What is a care plan meeting?
Who will handle the medications I need?
What kinds of therapy are offered at Mulberry Health?
What is a Therapy Companion Visit?
Does Mulberry Health have a medical director?
Does Mulberry Health offer any on-site services?
How will I get to a doctor’s appointment?
Can I take a leave of absence from Mulberry Health?
What kinds of activities are offered at Mulberry Health?
What are the meals like at Mulberry Health?
What are my options for laundry services?
Does Mulberry Health have a Beauty Shop?
What is a resident trust fund?
Can I bring my pet?
Can I decorate my room?
Does Mulberry Health have WiFi?
When is Mulberry Health open for visitors?
What is the community room?
Can I bring my sense of humor?

When it's Time To Leave

When can I discharge from Mulberry Health?
What happens once I decide to discharge?
Should I expect a post-discharge follow up call?
Does Mulberry Health offer outpatient therapy?

Working at Mulberry Health

What is it like to work at Mulberry Health?
Does Mulberry Health offer CNA training classes?
What is the Aspire Scholarship?
Is Mulberry Health an Equal Opportunity Employer?
Can I volunteer at Mulberry Health?

Questions About Care Types

What is skilled care?
What is short-term rehab?
What is long-term care?
What is independent living?
What is assisted living?
What is memory care?
What is respite care?
What is adult day care?
What is hospice care?
What is home health care?
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